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This is my private blog; including my style. All pictures are mine/photographers.
I am a clothes-wearing girl, a girl whose trade, office and existence consists in the wearing of Clothes. Every faculty of my soul, spirit, purse, and person is heroically consecrated to this one object, the wearing of Clothes wisely and well: so that the others dress to live, I live to dress...And what is it that I ask in return? Solely, we may say, that you would recognise my existence; would admit me to be a living object; or even failing this, a visual object, or thing that will reflect rays of light.

(Source: nightmaresdaydreams)

HEY GUYS!  I just started my new/other blog.  I´ll post regularly from now on. I´ll post about outfits, my favorite trends but also about my travels! I´d really appreciate you following me ;) xoxo Ps: My first outfit post is coming tomorrow ;)

So here are a couple of polaroid - scans I took over the last couple of weeks :) I got me a fuji instax mini in Singapore. I really wanted to have one for ages and I really don´t regret buying it. The polaroids are good quality and it´s so much fun. THe only downside is the price of the films.